Our Approach

The Jesus Cohort

Our Approach

1. Online & On-Campus

  • One-Year Cohort
  • 12-20 Students per Cohort Group
  • Online discussions & participation weekly
  • On-Campus meetups 2+ times throughout the year

The Jesus Cohort takes full advantage of modern technology to participate in Zoom meetings, online discussions, and relationship building. In addition to the online work, we gather at least two times per year for face-to-face interaction at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO.


Our year-long journey together starts at the September Prayer School with Pastor Brian Zahnd at Word of Life Church. This will also be our first on-campus meetup with each other.

* NOTE: Due to the global pandemic, the Prayer School will be online in October. We will look to host another on-campus meeting when we can.

2. Holistic & Intentional

Our approach to theological education and spiritual formation is guided by our desire to help followers of Jesus be purposely formed as whole humans—with new perspectives, new patterns, and new practices. We seek to accomplish this in each course by integrating these core values:

  • Conversational Theology
    Our lives are shaped by how we view God. We will engage in deep, Christ-centered, and practical theological conversations, not as a dry intellectual exercise, but as a means of better seeing the God who was revealed in Jesus.
  • Contemplative Spirituality
    True formation in Christ flows from a direct encounter with Christ. We want to cultivate this through practices like prayer & worship, a lifestyle of love, and a growing awareness of His presence in all things.
  • Communal Learning
    Communal, collaborative learning becomes a way of life. We believe that since every person is uniquely gifted, we should foster a learning environment in which every member participates, shares, and learns together.
  • Cultural Engagement
    Fully-realized, faithful disciples of Jesus are active participants in God’s restorative mission for the world. Our whole program is designed to help motivate and mobilize our members into the movement of Christ in their contexts and communities.

3. Affordable & Accessible

We want to help the Church of the future to look more like Jesus, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on that calling due to the high cost of formal education. Our commitment is for The Jesus Cohort to be both affordable and accessible for everyone.


The total price for the year is only $1200, or $100 per month. We are offering three different payment options, to make things as accessible as possible.

  • Option 1Pay The Year in Full ($100 Discount)
    $1100 (non-refundable) discounted price due two weeks before the first course begins.
  • Option 2Pay Per Quarter/Course
    $300 (non-refundable) due two weeks before each course begins.
  • Option 3Church Partner Plan
    If your local church becomes (at least) a $100 per month partner of M3 Ministries (with a one-year commitment), you attend The Jesus Cohort for free.

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