Cohort Card

The M3 Ministries School of Formation is set to launch in the Fall of 2019!


The nature of education continues to rapidly change. Advances in technology and the rising costs of tuition have reshaped the way we go about teaching and training in the 21st century. This has opened new doors of opportunity to provide unique, affordable education for people all over the globe. The approach of the M3 Ministries School of Formation is to make the most of these exciting new opportunities in order to help the next generation of churches become more like Jesus.

Our Approach: Online & On-Campus

So how are we going to go about this? In our inaugural (pilot) year we are offering…

•  A one year cohort (The Jesus Cohort)

•  Made up of 4 courses (1 per quarter)

•  For 12-15 men and women participating together online

•  With two face-to-face, on-campus visits throughout the year

Our approach is ONLINE: By making the most of modern technology, the cohort will participate together in a virtual classroom (via Zoom), online discussion forums, community relationship building, contemplative practices, and missional engagement. Weekly assignments will range from readings, discussions, writings/reflections, serving opportunities, and community involvement.

Our approach is also ON-CAMPUS: In addition to the online work, we will gather on two different occasions over the year for face-to-face interaction. Our School is graciously being hosted by Word of Life Church in St. Joseph Missouri, where we will meet for ongoing interaction, encouragement, and growth.

Our Approach: Holistic & Intentional

Our approach is guided by our desire to provide holistic, intentional formation in the ways of Jesus. Followers of Jesus must be purposefully formed as whole humans – in a manner that transforms our lips, our loves, and our lives – that provides new perspectives, new patterns, and new practices. Each of our courses will seek to accomplish this by interweaving and integrating each of the following core values:

Conversational Theology

We believe that all of life is shaped by our vision and view of God – or by our theology. Theology was never meant to be a dry academic pursuit detached from real life. Instead, it is meant to transform the whole of our lives by pointing us to the God that was revealed in Jesus Christ. We will engage in Christ-centered, in-depth theological conversations in a practical, down-to-earth manner.

Contemplative Spirituality 

We believe that true formation in Christ flows from a direct encounter with Christ. Our goal is to cultivate this through practices that help focus our lives completely on Christ – through prayer & worship, through a lifestyle of love, and through a growing awareness of His presence in all things.

Communal Learning 

We believe the kind of learning that becomes a way of life is a communal, collaborative effort. Because of our conviction that every member of the body of Christ is important and is uniquely gifted, we will foster an environment in which every member participates, shares, and learns together.

Cultural Engagement 

We believe fully-formed and faithful followers of Jesus will be active participants in God’s restorative mission in the world. The whole of our training will be in view of moving and mobilizing our members into the movement of Christ in their contexts and communities.

Our Approach: Affordable & Accessible

Our conviction is everyone who desires to join us in helping the church of tomorrow be more like Jesus should be able to do so unhindered by the extraordinarily high costs of formal education. We have an unswerving commitment to make everything we do both affordable and accessible to all.


In an effort to allow anyone to participate in our one year program, we are seeking to keep our costs as low as we can. The total price for the year is $1200 – an average of only $100 a month. To make this even easier – and possibly even more affordable – we are offering three payment options…

Option 1:  Pay PER COURSE. The $300 (non-refundable) fee will be due 2 weeks before each course begins.

Option 2: Pay THE YEAR IN FULL – and receive a $200 discount. The $1000 (non-refundable) discounted price will be due 2 weeks before the first course begins.

Option 3: The CHURCH PARTNER plan. If your local church becomes (at least) a $100/month parter with M3 Ministries (minimum 1-year commitment), you attend for free.


Our year-long journey together will launch at the September 6-7 Prayer School at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. This will be our first on-campus fellowship together.

Course #1: Begins September 8, 2019

Course #2: Begins December 1, 2019

Course #3: Begins March 1, 2020

Course #4: Begins May 31, 2020


To let us know you are interested in joining us or for any questions you might have, click HERE to contact us. We look forward to talking to you!