M3 Ministries is a threefold ministry of education, encouragement, and engagement. These three ministries are what we are all about – in order to further God’s kingdom movement in the world through His church.

Our Current Projects

We are currently in the process of developing, expanding, and growing our three new ministries.


We have started a ministry of care and encouragement for those who often feel hurting and alone in their Christian journey, with a specific focus upon pastors and church leaders.

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This aspect of M3 is primarily pastoral in nature. We are a resource and relationship for people – and pastors in particular – who need someone to listen, care, and be there for them. We are meeting with these men and women (in person and by phone) to provide encouragement for them in their unique situations and circumstances.

Your investment in M3 will allow us…

To provide ongoing care and encouragement for these men and women. This part of M3 is currently growing and expanding. The recent Water to Wine Gathering hosted at Word of Life Church allowed us to meet men and women from all over the world. We were able to hear their stories, make connections, and build relationships that will allow us to walk alongside them into the future. In addition, we created a Water to Wine Facebook Group that is at 645 members and growing. This group allows us to keep a daily connection to many of the people we are seeking to care for and encourage.

To create a pastor care fund. A project close to our heart is to create a fund for pastors and their families to provide for them in times of need. The goal of this fund would be to allow pastors and their families to receive the refreshment, direction, and counseling they may need at crucial times in their ministries. We want to be able to send pastors and their families to professional counselors/spiritual directors, retreats, conferences, and other programs designed on making their home solid. We would also desire to offer a financial assistance gift to pastors who may be transitioning through a tumultuous life change. We believe one of the keys to strong, healthy churches is strong, healthy church leaders – so we want to have the resources available to help them pursue the health they so often need.


A second aspect of M3 is to expand upon our passion to provide affordable, Christ-centered, church-based education.

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Along with our ongoing role of teaching online classes through Eternity Bible College, we are in the process of developing a Training Center based at Word of Life Church. Your investment in M3 will allow us to provide the following educational resources:

Certificate: In partnership with Pastor Derek Vreeland, we are in the process of developing a certificate program through Word of Life Church. In our years as both a pastor and a professor, we have found that many desire to learn and grow but don’t always want to pursue a college degree. Our certificate program will involve both online and on-campus learning and training.

Classes: We believe people learn in a variety of ways, so we want to match learning resources with learning opportunities. Through our partnerships with both Word of Life Church and Eternity Bible College, we will be developing classes – both online and on-campus – to provide learning resources to meet people where they are.

Podcast: An exciting opportunity exists for us to launch a podcast that will allow us to discuss theology, pastoral ministry, church life and mission, and contemporary issues with a broader audience.


The third facet of M3 is all about helping local churches form purposeful partnerships for community engagement and service.

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As the Lord would have it, He has connected us to a pastor and his family who share our vision for this aspect of M3. More importantly, he has the experience and expertise that would allow us to create and cultivate these church partnerships. A fully funded ministry would allow us to hire him to lead this part of M3 Ministries.

Your investment in M3 will allow us to make this a reality – and in turn form the partnerships between churches that will help them work together for the embodiment and advancement of the gospel in their communities.