Hello Family & Friends:

Greetings from the Main family!

We wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about…


Our new nonprofit – M3 Ministries – just recently completed its first official year. It seems like only yesterday we set out from Los Angeles to the Midwest to follow the vision the Lord gave us for a new kind of ministry. This vision became more and more clear to us throughout 2018, and we have been hard at work to see it become a reality.

We started M3 because of our deep desire to see the church BE everything it is meant to be. What has become clear to us over this past year is how everything we are doing is for the future of the church. We keep asking ourselves the question, “What can we be doing now to help the church of the future become more like Jesus?” This question is shaping and guiding each of our three new ministries:

(1) a SCHOOL – to promote holistic spiritual formation

(2) a PODCAST – to promote an ongoing conversation

(3) a NETWORK – to promote genuine, caring connection

We encourage you to click on each of the links to these three ministries. We are especially excited about the progress of our School of Formation, which is set to launch later this year!


Much like a missionary, our new ministry depends on the support of faithful partners. We are looking to add to the team of people who will partner with us in helping the church of the future be more like Jesus.

The initial support we have received, along with our two outside incomes (Eternity Bible College Professor & Starbucks Supervisor), has us at about 70% of what we need to live and operate our new ministry. We are still looking to raise the remaining 30%.

Would you consider joining our team?

We need partners like YOU! Your monthly support of $25/$50/$100/$250/$500 – or any one time donation – will make a huge impact in our lives and in the lives of people all over the world. All donations are tax deductible.

We know this newsletter only gives a glimpse into our lives and how the Lord is shaping our new ministry. We would love to get a chance to tell you more about M3 Ministries and our heart to help the church of the future be more like Jesus.

For the Future of the Church,

Doug, Frankie, & the Main Family

Click HERE to partner with us


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